Learn more about our BirthCare facility in Hutchinson, MN

Birth care services for the Glencoe, MN Area

Contact Health Partners - Hutchinson today at 320-234-3290 to schedule an appointment with one of our women's health specialty doctors.

Top obstetricians

Health Partners - Hutchinson is proud to serve Glencoe, MN with high-quality prenatal, pregnancy, and pediatric care. OB/GYN doctor Darryl Johnson has delivered more than 4,000 babies over the past 23 years, and received the Trinity Hospital Physician Educator of the Year award in 2013. OB/GYN physician Emily Zoulek, who specializes in women's health, has many years of experience helping women with reproductive problems, high-risk pregnancies, infertility, and other health concerns. Contact Health Partners - Hutchinson today at 320-234-3290 to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physicians.

Sweet suites for Glencoe, MN families

The BirthCare Center at Health Partners - Hutchinson features spacious suites specifically designed for expectant mothers and their families. Suites include luxurious hot tubs, complimentary internet access, room-service style dining, and sleeper sofas for guests. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your stay. Contact us anytime if you'd like a tour!

Delivery time

When packing for the hospital, we recommend that expectant mothers have the following items:

  • rear-facing car seat in your vehicle
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • loose-fitting clothes
  • a nursing bra
  • toiletries
  • receiving blankets
  • diapers

Pre-pregnancy planning

Thinking about becoming pregnant? If so, schedule a wellness check-up with your doctor at Health Partners - Hutchinson. The visit will be a good opportunity to review any medications you're taking, update vaccinations, and get your pregnancy questions answered. Your doctor can also provide advice regarding pre-natal vitamins and lifestyle changes to help you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery experience.

Post-pregnancy followup

After you've welcomed your new little one into the world, our staff will help you transition to caring for your baby at home, and help you schedule post-care check-ups and vaccinations. Contact Health Partners - Hutchinson today at 320-234-3290 to learn more about our high-quality birth care services.